Saturday, February 07, 2009

Where is my book?

Went around to few book shops over the weekend and I could not find my book !! I quickly check with the distributor only to find out one of the big shop have a problem displaying it straight away. I left the conversation with a promise that will be sort out and still did not understand the problem. Thank you for those who got my book already, and sorry for those yg inda kejumpahan di kadai buku yet.

Feel bit weird ah when it has not been raining for more than 24 hours now.. not get use to it yet barangkali. Yesterday looooooong queue at Sungai Liang was bad, but baik jua ada food in the car and it was not raining, so santai lah. I was listening to Kristal FM, DJ Deen was on the air. The sms people sent about the traffic update cracked me up.. so funny. The best one have to be the one yg ask about where he/she can stop to pee. haha some people do have the right attitude even in difficult situation. It's a choice ah.

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