Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To draw or not to draw

Few of my friends asked me what I am going to draw about the new retirement age. My answer was (initially), I ve no idea & dont know if I will find one.

But to miss reflecting such a historical thing for Brunei in a cartoon, would be a shame. I personally think the new retirement age is a good idea, and very sure the pro and cons of it have been thought through carefully. The question is if we are (I am) ready to take up the challenge.? It is not just to be physically fit, but also mentally ah.

If I am gonna reflect this into a cartoon, I want to portray the challenges that we going to face... or may be some achievements that I have seen. Like few peoples who are really really fit at the age of 60+. Amazing.

I had (and still have) the privilege of working with few peoples near to their retirement but still have the strong motivations, professionalism & pride in their job. I admire that.

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