Sunday, August 30, 2009

Geography of Food

This is what interesting during Ramadhan. Everywhere is food related. Sungkai Buffet, Food promotion etc etc. I suppose nothing wrong, it's just interesting. The more we observe, the more interesting. Like the names of kuih2, cooking etc. Yang penting time puasa ni, inda membazir. This cartoon out in BB today.

The Edited sketch.

The Original Sketch. (I have to use my phone to take pictures, since the scanner still in Tutong). The original caption "Cool by association"

"Dari Anas r.a ia berkata: Rasulullah s.a.w ditanya orang: Apakah sedekah yang lebih baik? Jawab Rasulullah s.a.w; Sedekah yang paling baik ialah sedekah bulan Ramadhan." Riwayat Tirmizi.

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