Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Prayer

Continue coloring the cartoons for BI posters. I have done few Business Integrity posters for the office recently. Apparently everyone have to attend BI course at the training center. I am not part of the team but just giving a hand with the posters.

My first Friday prayer here. Thanks the Google Map and the internet I found the nearest masjid. It's Masjid Jamek Queenstown. Found info here. Hopped on bus33 and off after 2 stops. Walk 4 minutes sampai. What I found interesting jua is that they still use the Baduk just before azan. yes that baduk we liat di TV masa bulan puasa. Also the imam pakai microphone yg macam operator pakai atu. Cool. Hutbah nya pun clear. Ada mentioned facebook, twitter lagi tu.. hhmmehehe. I wonder hows that spelled in Jawi.

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Gembo said...

Siok Him oh, getting the experience khutbah disana... spelled hehehe, Fa Ya Sin Ba Wau Kaf .... Ta Wau Ya Ta Alif hahahah