Saturday, December 04, 2010


I went for Friday prayer di Masjid Jamek Queenstown yesterday. I saw few guys duduk duduk sambil check their phone sekali sekala. Except for this guy khusuk meliat phone nya saja. I thought hmmm why do people bawa their phone ke masjid. Barangkali to keep connected with the world also important masa Sembayang Jumaat ?. Anyway, after lama lama meliat that guy, rupa nya ia membaca AlQuraan (Yassin barangkali) from his phone. (well ada jua apps nya tu). Learning points for me.. 1-jangan judge orang, 2- don't assume negative.

In the same Masjid masa Hari Raya Haji, the imam actual read the khutbah from his PDA. And the second khutbah was in English. Which I thought was very appropriate. Technology application in Masjid here so common.


Gembo said...

Bro, insyaAllah ada rezeki we go there in Feb. close to ur place?

Anonymous said...

like your learning points :)