Friday, December 02, 2011


Sometime my cartoons are just stating the darn obvious without any deeper meaning. This is good pasal when it is too abstract people will not understand it. Not that I am good at doing abstract cartoon anyway.

This one for example, is an obvious observation, far from mysterious. Kana pick up by the newspapers from time to time with pallid interest. 

So, its about traveling during school holiday. Its pretty darn obvious. But what was I thinking? Traveling is bad? not really. Traveling is bad when you goes into debt, beutang berabis, after your travel thats bad. 

When is it good.? Well, when it make you feel relax and rejuvinate (spell check! malar sudah ku meliat word ani arah company website) after that. Then you are raring to back to work with full of energy. (also ada energy to plan for your next holiday!).  

Another example. When you learn new things. Bukan pulang masuk class masa holiday. But, you pick up something new e.g. when you see the hospitality business in our neighboring country strive.. and you see the young local staffs at the hotel working with pride. Then you wonder how do they do that?

I need to get back coloring this cartoon... 

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