Thursday, July 22, 2010

Be Friend

These days punya friendship. Father "friend" son, Mother pun "friend" daughter in the cyber space. It is amazing the urge to stay connected with our "friends", sometime we don't even know who they are. Information at our finger tips, but sometime I wonder apa value nya. What is the value of having the information that one of my "friend" feeling wonderful today or full or stomach cramp or changing diapers or ke Hua Ho etc etc.. reading the status of my "friends" take time bah. So is it worth fitting my time to read whats my "friends" thinking or doing right now.? No wonder I am so busy. Busy body ? hehehe


Anonymous said...

lurus to Boi..saja bah tu tedapatFB ah..untuk busybody saja..its more to personal punya issues..yang nda tau pun jadi tau..lebih2 lagi orang2 yg nda limit your "friendship"..Never reveal or share too much abt. your personal details..tapi siuk plang Boi..membaca citer2 orang yg nda kenal atu hahaha..

Anonymous said...

it does kill time esp during our 'boooring' meeting n wen u cnt sleep in d middle of d nite hehehe