Monday, July 19, 2010

Plastic Bags

This is my attempt to continue raising the awareness for reducing plastic bags. Hope the no plastic day was not really A day, but a change of habit instead. Try taking reusable bag to your weekly grocery shopping. Try them for 21 days. You will get use to it mudah2an. Why 21 days? apparently that is how long ayam mengaram talor nya hehehe.

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ungkayah said...

hye hewoww.. I had cnfusion masa no plastic day.ada ds 1 store, ia ckp kalau pakai plastik,byr sposen,tp derma ke charity. *shockd n paused* nt bcoz of d byr,but how cud they mess ppls head wit such contradicting cause. Encouraging bad habit 4 a gd cause? Apakan. How wud ppl react if they ultimately want to save d env. Plus doing charity. Skali ku ckp i dun want plastic,but here's 10cent 4d charity thou. D cashier sent a cluelez gesture 2me.hehe u get what i mean? I m d one who supposd 2 b